The PSVA has helped us evaluate and identify areas of improvement—within the areas of viticulture production and the management of the soils, water, and vine diseases and pests, energy efficiency, waste management and water conservation and quality, among others—as well as implement annual action plans.


Best vineyard practices


The daily work in our vineyards occurs in harmony and with maximum respect for mother nature, in the way we maintain the integrity of ecosystems and contribute towards the preservation and increase of biodiversity.

Maintaining nature’s balance is a job of constant observation and maintenance that we aim to aim to increasingly base on agricultural practices that minimize environmental impact, such as, for example:


Our commitment to improving our environmental performance also extends to our work in the winery, namely in terms of water conservation and quality, air quality, waste management and energy efficiency, among others.

To this end, as members of the PSVA we have carried out various audits to identify ways to implement best practices, such as:

Há um vinho para cada momento e um tempo para cada vinho. Il y a un vin pour chaque moment et un temps pour chaque vin. There is a wine for every moment and a time for every wine.
Tem idade legal para consumir bebidas alcoólicas no país onde se encontra? Are you of legal drinking age in the country where you are located? Vous avez atteint l’âge légal pour consommer des boissons alcoolisées dans le pays où vous résidez ?
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