Quality Policy

Mission, Vision and Values

The Mission, Vision and Values ​​of Serrano Mira – Soc. Vinícola, S.A., reflects the ambition for excellence, the focus on the client and our people, highlighting the values of integrity and commitment, being a benchmark of excellence with the aspiration to provide a quality service to the client, generating value for our professionals.

Professional ethics in the organization implies the existence of moral behavior in the development of its activity.

Herdade das Servas (Serrano Mira – Soc. Vinícola, S.A.), promotes the values ​​of transparency and integrity in all its activities and adopts conduct based on the ethical principles of justice and equity, respect for the dignity of the person and professional responsibility and social, which is embodied in standards, duties and attitudes, valuing good sustainability practices, which constitute an important source of information to evaluate, guarantee and improve the environmental and socioeconomic conditions of the industry.

Satisfy the expectations of Stakeholders by investing in the continuous improvement of products and services provided, in accordance with our Integrated Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability Management System, implementing current legislation and always with the aim of responding quickly and effectively to their needs. needs.

Establish relationships of trust with Suppliers, Customers and Consumers, guided by the guarantee of Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability of our products and services, producing grapes and wines in a sustainable way, involving the entire organization and surrounding community, ensuring economic and social sustainability and environmental impact and a qualitative impact on the sector.

Reviewing, defining, implementing and disseminating this policy, as well as ensuring that all relevant aspects of Sustainability and Food Safety are communicated throughout the food chain.

Value the involvement of all Employees, ensuring their skills, with a view to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Food Safety Management System and Sustainable Wine Production, promoting internal communication and constant improvement of their tasks, ensuring that everyone feel like an integral part of the organization.

Ensuring compliance with all customer, regulatory and statutory requirements relating to Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability.

Safeguard compliance with defined objectives, through the implementation of Quality Standards that provide a safe and sanitized working environment that guarantees product excellence and production capacity.